First Day at a New Job Tips

First Day at a New Job Tips

Awesome article by Levo League. What to do on your first day:

1. Introduce yourself (Take notes on who you met and send them a “Nice to meet you” note after)

2. Keep a notepad at your desk for questions. Bring them to your manager and take notes on their answers!

3. Show excitement in your new role

4. Make sure to not only be responsible and professional, but to also form relationships with others. You never know what will happen! 



So, you write a cover letter, draft a resume, and send it out. What’s next? The interview!

How do you answer tough questions?

What questions should you ask them?

Now…what if the interview is informational? Meaning that you e-mailed a connection to learn more about their position and any advice they may have for you. If you haven’t done this already, e-mail a friend, acquaintance, someone NOW. Not only do these help you figure out what industry you want to work in, they help you network with those in the field (hmm mmm job opportunities!) Many people are glad to help you out because who doesn’t love talking about themselves and what they do? Interested now? Read this: